You’ve Been a Bad, Bad Boy…

Sometimes dirty talk can take a turn into the land of the weird. Weird, that is, for someone who isn’t into fetish activities!

Many people are into “fetish” activities, or things that are outside of the mainstream. If you are in bed with someone who loves a certain fetish, a whole new world of dirty talk opens up to you! You now have an entirely new vocabulary to choose from when you’re whispering those naughty words into your lover’s ear.

Roleplaying 2

Is your lover into leather? What about boots, whips, chains, and all things that seem to go hand-in-hand with leather desires? Break out the thigh-high boots and your bad attitude, because you have just found the key to getting your lover off again and again and again. Talk about the way the leather feels, how soft and smooth it is against your skin. Ask your lover how it feels to be whipped with that leather riding crop. Offer your boot and demand that your lover suck on the heel – if you’ve never seen a man on his hands and knees worshiping your feet, you have no idea what you’re missing!

If your lover has a fetish for food, the kitchen is your best friend. Pull delights out of the woman covered in chocolate holding a strawberryrefrigerator – that bowl of strawberries, that bubbly water, that long cucumber that looks ever-so-much like a dildo. Anoint your lover with honey and sweet oils, dip those strawberries into certain places guaranteed to sweeten them up, and indulge in every food porn fantasy you can think of. In the meantime, you’re going to be talking up a storm – start by asking your lover about what tastes sweeter, you or the strawberries? – and away you go!

If your lover’s fetish involves being watched, now is the time to break out the camera. Demand certain positions and then take pictures of them. Tell your lover to masturbate for you and then describe exactly how you want it done. Put into words what you want to see and watch as your lover gets turned on at the very thought of doing it for you!

Does your lover have a foot fetish? Describe in detail what you are going to do with your feet. Make your lover wash them, rub them down with lotion, paint your toenails, and worship every inch. Then make good on all your dirty talk promises and use your feet to make your lover come. Talking all the while will keep the heat turned way up!

What is your lover’s fetish?


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