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Your Voice Is All The Dirty Talk He Needs

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Are you in the midst of a long-distance relationship? Does you and your partner have crazy schedules? Do the both of you work so much that there is hardly any time left over for love making at the end of the day? Does your partner often say how much he misses you and wishes he could spend more time with you?

Everyone knows that phone sex can work wonders for keeping a couple close, but what about those couples who, for whatever reason, simply can’t make phone sex happen? Maybe their living situation means they never have much private time. Maybe the only time they have to talk on the phone is during work hours – and someone might be privy to the conversation.

In a situation like that, dirty talk recordings might be the answer.

I once dated a fantastic man who couldn’t get enough of my voice. He loved to hear me talk – if I read the phone book, he thought it was sexy. But we didn’t have much time to talk on the phone, and he hated not having his daily fix. So I remedied that by investing in a cheap recorder – one with mini-tapes that could be played over and over – and turned it on whenever I was in a horny mood. I recorded my voice for him, filling up four hours of tape over the span of a few weeks. Then I packaged it up and mailed it to him.

The response was amazing! He was so thrilled to have my voice available to him anytime he wanted it. I told him little snippets of what I did during my day, engaged him in my fantasies, and even got up the courage to masturbate while the tape was running – being sure to hold it close to me while I spoke, so he could hear not only my words, but the way my voice shook, and the way I got short of breath during the really good parts!

Best of all, one day I got a package in the mail from him. He had bought a recorder of his own – he opted for one of the recorders with a microchip instead of tapes – and sent it to me with his own musing captured for my listening pleasure. I had the best time with those recordings – especially with that one particular fantasy he had never told me about before…but that’s a story for another time!

Don’t discount how much your voice means to the person on the other end of the line. Record yourself talking about your fantasies, or even reading your favorite erotic stories for your partner to listen to later. Imagine him listening to you on the subway during his long commute or getting all hot and bothered when he’s supposed to be paying attention to work. You’ll be glad you sent that dirty recording for his listening pleasure!

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