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You Wanna Be On Top? 4 Reasons Why You Should!

How many “what’s your favourite sexual position” quizzes are you going to take before you take the plunge? Or, shall we say, rise to the top. Why is it that this sexual position is the most difficult for us to take on? Most women I know will answer any other position first when asked what their favourite sexual position is. I started doing an informal poll with some girlfriends to see not just what the answer would be, but how they answered as well. Only one girl answered on top, and she answered with more confidence than any other girl I asked.

Then it struck me, if women don’t really like to talk about this much with their closest girlfriends, how can they possibly be talking about it with their man? They’re not probably. So today we are going to look at this sexual position, one that, if you go by some men’s reports, is the least used position for women. The sad fact is many of us just aren’t confident enough to ride up there. And why? The answer is different than you think. Choosing NOT to ride on top is not the power issue it may seem to be. No, in fact, this choice has more to do with poor body image than anything. So here we are going to tell you exactly why you SHOULD jump this hurdle, because once you do girlfriend, you’ll wonder what kept you waiting so long.

1. He wants you to. This is a pretty key reason, and if he senses you have confidence issues he won’t bring it up, but deep down he does, as every man does, really really really want you to do this for him. For one thing, it gives him a little break. And he loves seeing that you are confident enough to do that for him. It turns him on in ways that well…you’ll see.

2. He gets to see all of you at once. Yes, while this may be the most common reason women don’t take this step, it is exactly why men want you to. And trust me honey, this is what is going through his mind when you climb up there: “Whoa! She’s naked! And she’s hot! And she wants ME! Oh my god!” That’s right girls, he’s not thinking you drank too much Coke at dinner or that your thighs are feeling a little loose. Trust me, he has many other things on his mind. And seeing you in all your glory right in front of him is one of the biggest things you can do to turn him on.

3. He gets to see you all at once. Okay, this rule bears repeating twice, but for different reasons. Yes, he gets to see your beautiful body right in front of him to love and enjoy. What else does he get to see? He gets to see you enjoying him and ohhhh….does he ever love that. Watching you moan, and sigh, and make the noises and expressions that you do when you are making love to him is such an incredible turn on for men. Hop on, he will be fixated on your face looking for these cues…most of the time.

4. It feels GREAT. So there are a bunch of reasons why you want to do it for him, now why not do it for yourself. Here is a sexual position that allows you to take control here. You decide the pace, speed, and rhythm, and you control what happens and when and how much you want to feel good. This is a great position for G spot stimulation as it allows him to go as deep as you want him to, and you also have the added benefit of adding in manual stimulation at the same time. As far as this position is concerned, from a feel good standpoint, it’s a win, win, REALLLY BIG WIN for you. And again, when you are feeling that great, your thighs are the last thing on your mind as well.

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