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Which Online Dating Site is Right for You?

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We’ve all seen the commercials for the most popular online dating sites. EHarmony, Match.com and Chemistry. com are a few of the most popular names in the business, how can you decide which website to choose and which one is right for you?

First and foremost, it is important to remember that you are dating online.  Just like entering into a chat room, there can always be risks involved and choosing a reputable website such as the ones listed above can minimize the risk substantially.  If you go onto Craigslist looking for love you are probably looking in the wrong place.

Another tip for choosing the right online dating site is to really know what you are looking for.  I think EHarmony can offer the best insight into you, basing their matches on the “29 Dimensions of Compatibility.”  I took their survey once and found out some interesting things about myself, based on their questions.  This helped me simply think about what I wanted in a man, and helped me be a little pickier.  The questions may seem a little weird (they asked me questions about which shapes were most appealing to me) but in the end, these questions help them pair you with people who are most appealing to you visually (hence the shape question… they wanted to know what type of face I would be most drawn to) and they also will pair you with someone who is on the same lines in regards to religion, sense of humor and passions.

The next detail to consider is that all of these websites require subscriptions.  If you really want to go after love, you have to pay for it.  Using the free trials to get a sense of the site is a perfect way to get your feet wet. If you are serious though, you need to pay for the full subscription to be able to utilize every aspect of the site to make it work for you.  Try paying it for three months. If you don’t like it, you can always cancel your subscription and move on.

Hopefully this can help give you a bit of direction in trying to decide what site to look at.  Any online dating site doesn’t necessarily rank over another; it just really depends on your comfort level.  The three main sites all have their success stories so when you are exploring, read about their company a little and get a feel for their company goals.  Just like finding the perfect job, feeling comfortable with the online dating site you chose is definitely the most important key to success.

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