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When You’re A Player – How To Keep Your Dirty Talk Straight

By now it’s a sure bet you’ve heard about the crash heard round the world — Tiger Woods slams his Escalade into a tree and the chain reaction eventually leads to up to a dozen women he was doing at the same time. Now that dirty text messages are coming to light, it’s clear the naughty Tiger was bed-hopping like nobody’s business.

But the big question is not “Why did he do it?” or “Where did he find the time?” but rather: “How did he keep them all straight?!”

Are you a player? If you’ve got more than a few lovers on a string, you probably are, even if you might never admit it. So how do you keep them all straight?

If you’re the type that likes to play the field, more power to you and have at it, my friend. But when you do, remember that every person you meet has their own wants, desires, and needs. They also have their own brand of sensuality. Someone might like the raunchy dirty talk that can make your eyes pop, but another might like something a bit more romantic. Breaking out your naughtiest dirty talk on the wrong partner can lead to quite a few problems!

So how to keep them all straight? Tiger had a different girl in every city, and that seems to be how he kept all his affairs straight in his head. If you’re not as well-traveled, use the same dirty talk phrases and sexual fantasies for each of the people you are with, so there is no mixup. Unless the partners are very, very different — for instance, one is into BDSM and wears leather while another is a virgin who wants to take things slow — you will eventually slip up and say something to one you meant to say to another!

Also, consider this: If you are playing the field, chances are the people you are sleeping with are playing the field, too. That could lead to lots of sexually transmitted diseases floating around between partners. So always use a condom, no matter what, and get tested routinely for STDs.

Of course, the best remedy for that is to not play the field at all…but as anyone who has watched the Tiger debacle knows, sometimes the best options are not the most attractive ones. So play on, player…but do it very, very carefully.

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