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When Dirty Talk Chat Becomes Something More…

If you’re into dirty talk chat, chances are you know what it feels like when you become intrigued by the person on the other side of the computer screen. Maybe it started out as a light and playful sexy chat session, but somewhere along the way, it turned into something a little more serious. A little sexier than you expected. Maybe there is an emotional connection that takes you both by surprise.

How do you handle taking that awkward next step?

It used to be very unusual for someone to form a bond over an internet connection. But now that online dating has become so popular, people are going into chat rooms and private messaging with their eyes wide open – they know that something more than just an on-screen fuck could come from this. And if you are open to the possibilities, amazing things can happen.

No matter how intrigued you are by this person on the other end of the modem, step back and take a deep breath before you jump. Once you move from the online world to exchanging phone numbers, you’ve crossed a line that is not easy to walk away from. When someone is just a person on your screen, your emotional investment might already be revving up, but you’re still able to walk away. Once you move to the realm of hearing someone’s voice and putting a person with the pixels, you’re heading into different territory altogether.

First, consider your situation. Can you have a phone sex affair? Can you allow someone into your life in such a way that they can call to discuss your day, or theirs? Are you ready to open the door to your heart a little bit and let someone peek in there?

If you are married and using the internet for a good time, moving the fun to the phone should be out of the question. You don’t want to hurt your partner anymore than you already are, and besides that, you shouldn’t be looking to pull someone else into the fray with empty promises.

Consider that every internet connection can lead to something more, and make your decisions with that in mind. You might have intentions of having phone sex and nothing more, but you know that they say about good intentions, don’t you?

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to moving things to the next level is your own safety and security. You have talked to this person online, but you don’t know everything about them. Keep your security intact – use only first names, use disposable cell phones, and don’t give information about your location. If the relationship continues and deepens, you will know when the time is right – until then, play your cards close to the chest.

So, are you ready to make that jump from pixels to person? Weigh both the joys and the dangers, and go into the situation with your eyes wide open – and if the situation is right, go into it poised for the possibilities of love down down road!

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