What Not To Do When You’re Out With Your Girlfriend

what not to do

Have you ever seen a guy do something so stupid while he was out with his girlfriend that you wanted to shout out a warning? Have you ever just had to shake your head when you saw a man do something absolutely off the charts when his girlfriend was around? Obviously some guys just don’t have the common sense to avoid these blunders- so let’s just make a few rules- commandments if you will for the men.

Five Things Not to do When You’re out with Your Girlfriend

  1. Do NOT do a double take at the hottie that walks by your table. You can see her coming towards you, you can appreciate her, but you don’t turn around to watch her continue on her way, you don’t stare into her eyes and wink. Basically you don’t do anything that will make your girlfriend feel slighted.
  2. Don’t be rude to a waiter or waitress. This is so embarrassing for your girlfriend and she will think about how you treat other people in relation to how she thinks you’ll treat her. So be kind and be polite at all times.
  3. Do not bring up sexual exploits between the two of you in mixed company or in her presence. Yes, we know all about locker room talk, why do you think we have Cosmo lunches with our friends? But keep it just between the guys it’s not conversation for a double date or at a party.
  4. Public groping is just out of line unless you know that your girlfriend likes that kind of thing. There’s nothing more embarrassing or distracting to be at a public event, and suddenly feel a hand on your breast right out in the open. Sure we want you to be attentive and put your arm around us but if it’s not something you’d do in front of your mother then don’t do it in front of perfect strangers either.
  5. Don’t talk about your girlfriend as if she isn’t there, especially if you’re complaining about her. If you have a problem deal with it privately don’t announce it in front of friends. No matter how close your friends are you will create an embarrassing spectacle for everyone if you start an argument in the middle of a get together, and trust me – embarrassing your girlfriend is something you’ll be paying for, for a long time!

These 5 simple rules should help you keep your foot out of your mouth, avoid scenes and avoid the need to apologize later. It’s not hard, the deal is to remember to treat your girlfriend the way you want to be treated. If you’d rather not be pawed like a piece of meat in front of the world then don’t do it to her. If you want to be respected then give respect. A relationship is give and take and everyone will mess up once in a while but try to keep it to a minimum, think before you act and before you speak.

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