What Not To Do When You Give Him Oral Sex

oral sex

Ladies I’m talking to you this week. As a woman who knows just how important oral sex is when it comes to a fun and exciting bedroom I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks that will make giving him a blow job more fun for both of you.

  1. Don’t make faces and act as if you’re performing a chore. His penis should be your best friend and you should treat it as such. Approach it with desire in your eyes and your tongue licking your lips. It’s not a chore, it’s a pleasure. One way to think of oral sex is that it is an art, and the only way to be a great artist is to practice!
  2. Despite the name it isn’t a “blow” job! A light breath on the tip once you have it moistened can be a nice touch, but honestly ladies it should be called a lick job or a suck job; do not take his penis in your mouth and blow! You want to tease, to tantalize and to make him feel that when you slide your lips down his shaft that it’s similar to sinking into your body.
  3. Don’t be too rough. As he gets into it you can use your teeth a bit or your hands to be a little more firm but keep in mind that those are his tender bits and you don’t want to bite and hurt him, because that will end your fun for the evening pretty darn quick.
  4. Don’t make him beg you to go down on him, surprise him by grabbing him and wrapping your lips around it out of the blue. He’ll be so surprised and appreciative that you’ll soon see just how much fun oral sex can be whether you are giving or receiving.
  5. Don’t get mad if he ejaculates in your mouth.  Some women ask a guy for a courtesy tap as a warning, others are happy to receive his deposit. Whichever one you are if by chance you end up with a load in your mouth you should be happy that you were able to please him that much. After all you don’t have to swallow it. Spit, rinse your mouth out and get back to what you were doing. It’s not the end of the world, and just think of how much of you he gets in his mouth when he goes downtown!

Oral sex is an important part of a sexual relationship and is a natural progression. If you’re not open to oral sex either as the giver or the receiver you don’t know what you’re missing and your sex life may suffer as a result. It’s not a nasty or dirty action; it can be beautiful and bring you closer to your partner than actual intercourse can.



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