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What Not To Do When She Breaks Up With You

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Sorry guys, I’m picking on you again. Today we are going to discuss the things that you may have done in the past when a girl breaks up with you, and we’re going to explain why those are things you shouldn’t do. Breakups are hard, but the way a person responds to the break up can make all the difference in just how hard it is to deal with, to get over and to move on.

Have you ever told a girl who was breaking up with you that if she broke up with you, you would have no reason to live? Did you tell her that without her you may as well be dead? Or have you actually come out and threatened to kill yourself if she broke up with you?  This is a huge no-no. You don’t want a girl to stay with you because she thinks you’re crazy or because she’d feel guilty if you did kill yourself. I’m sure you also don’t want her to be worried if she goes through with the breakup and contact your family or the police because she thinks you may do something to yourself. Think things through before you respond to a break up and save yourself this situation.

During a break up have you ever said “If I can’t have you no one will” or “I’ll kill any man that I see you with”? If you have then surely you know that you crossed a line. When someone breaks up with you for whatever reason you don’t threaten her and make her stay with you out of fear or leave her worried that you will stalk her and prevent her from moving on. Really guys, think about it. If she doesn’t want to be with you, chalk it up as a learning experience and let her go! Move on to someone who is more suited to you.  Threats and violence are never the right choice.

How about when a girl breaks up with you and you want to do everything you can to keep her? Do you tell her that you can change, that you will change? Don’t!! You are who you are, and if there was something about you that needs changing you need to do that for yourself, not to keep a girl who doesn’t like who you really are. If you make changes in your life to keep a girl you won’t be able to keep up the pretense forever and will come to resent her for putting you in that position.  Let her go and find a woman who loves you as you are, and for who you are.

I know at times it’s hard to see past the pain when you are going through a break up and trite clichés aren’t going to help, but once you come out from under that cloud you’ll find a girl who is right for you.  After all if you don’t have any breakups or bad relationships how will you know when you find a good one?

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