What Not to Do When Meeting His Parents

parents his hersSo, you and your sweetie have finally reached the point where you are going to meet his parents. This means that you will be scrutinized and every word out of your mouth will be judged. Of course you want to be yourself, because if the relationship lasts you can’t behave differently than you normally do indefinitely. But, there are some things you just don’t want to do at the first meeting.

1.)    Don’t use foul language. Sure, you’re a dirty talking master when the two of you are alone, and you may have a bit of a potty mouth in your day to day life. But spewing curse words like a gutter snipe is not the way to impress his parents.

2.)    Don’t dress like you’re heading out to the club. Unless his parents happen to own a club and that is where you will be meeting them, stick to clothing, makeup and accessories that are more toned down, sophisticated and put together. Remember you only get one time to make a first impression and fishnets, thigh high boots and a miniskirt with a corset top isn’t considered an every day look unless your job involves poles, music and $1 bills.

3.)    Keep it chaste. Sure you can hold hands or he may drape an arm around your shoulders, but meeting his parents for the first time is definitely NOT the time to be groping him or indulging in public displays. Remember while your guy may want a freak in the bed, more than likely he also wants a lady in the street. There is a time and a place for everything, reserve your tongue work for when you are alone.

4.)    Watch the sarcasm. His parents don’t know your quirky sense of humor and may not find it entertaining when you are intentionally sarcastic and bordering on rude. Think of meeting the parents like going to a job interview, you want to display all your best qualities up front, and let them get to know you better gradually.

5.)    Don’t flirt with his Dad! I know you may think this is common sense but you’d be surprised at how many women think it’s appealing to flirt with their guy’s dad. A compliment is one thing, flirtation is another. Keep it clean and remember his wife and your sweetie’s Mom is right there watching you!

No one is saying you have to pretend to be something you aren’t, after all your guy likes you for you, but his parents on the other hand are imagining you as the mother of their grandchildren. If you’re unsure of how to handle meeting his parents, just ask yourself would you want him to behave that way when he met your parents? If you think your Mom and you would cringe at the off color joke you are thinking about telling if he came out with it at their first meeting, then you too should keep it to yourself.

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