What Not to Do to Impress a Woman

couple rubbing their noses together in loveOkay guys, today we’re going to take a look at some of the things you men do to impress the ladies, and explain why you shouldn’t do some of these things. Sure every woman is different and some may like Neanderthal behavior but for the most part, you can count on these moves making an impression; just not the impression you want to make.


  1. Flirting with every woman in sight is one of those things that men do to impress a woman they are interested in. Who knows why? Maybe you think that if we see other women enjoying your attention we’ll think you’re sexy. Wrong! What we see is a player. If you are interested in a woman try giving her all your attention instead of showing her that you can pick up on all the other girls in the room.
  2. Macho manliness in the form of belching, fighting and farting is not a turn on! In fact, unless you are in grade school most women will turn away from this gross, childish behavior and not give you the time of day. Try being a gentleman, protect her of course, but don’t give in to testosterone fueled jealousy and fighting every time you are around her, and keep your personal habits to yourself.
  3. Invading her personal space. Pick up lines are cheesy enough but a man who immediately moves into our personal space and touches us is kind of creepy. Sure you want to be up close but there are certain things that you just don’t say, or do before you know someone better.  Leaning in to look down our shirts, touching shoulders, face or neck and getting way too close are things that will set off our perv meter and will get you the cold shoulder very quickly!

Women will notice a man who is sincere, who is truly interested in her for more than her boobs and butt, and who isfirst date couple having coffee and thinking about sex respectful of her space. Avoid the three behaviors listed above and you just may find the girl of your dreams feels the same way. No, you don’t have to pretend to be someone you aren’t; you just have to be real and honest in your approach.

Try a sincere compliment, asking permission before you flop into a seat beside her and actually looking at her face when she talks to you. Be a gentleman but don’t be smarmy or too intense. A woman who feels crowded and pressured by someone she has just met is not going to hang around to get to know him better.

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