What Not To Do To Get To The Next Level

some things you just don't say

Okay ladies and gents this is a fun topic to think about. I’m sure you’ve all been in what you thought was a stable relationship and then found out that the person you are seeing wants to take it to the next level. Whether that means a committed relationship, moving in together, having sex or whatever; there are ways to go about it that don’t involve any of these surprising and often disastrous moves.

Introduce yourself as a Girlfriend/Boyfriend

When you meet a friend of your “other” don’t interject with “Hi, I’m Prissypants, Jimbo’s girlfriend.” Unless the two of you have discussed it and decided that you are in a committed relationship then you aren’t a girlfriend or boyfriend just yet!

Change Your Facebook Status

This is a big one. How many of you have opened Facebook to see that someone you’ve seen a few times is suddenly claiming to be “in a relationship” with you? Frightening isn’t’ it? Because this announces to the Facebook friends of both of you that you are committed to each other at least for this week. Remember that feeling before you change your social networking status, and consider having a discussion first.


When you want the person your dating to commit to you coming up with elaborate schemes is not the way to get there. If you plot out a huge scheme to make him jealous and want to tie you to him, it just may backfire and leave you alone and lonely. If you announce that an ex is suddenly chatting you up again in the hopes that she will become territorial and stake her claim, you may find that she wishes you the best with the ex.


Pouting is not pretty; it is also not adult behavior. Guys, if she isn’t ready to head to the bedroom be patient or move on. Ladies, if that diamond isn’t forthcoming don’t take it as rejection and behave like a petulant child, enjoy what you have and hold out hope for the future or clearly state what you want and discuss it like adults. If that doesn’t do the trick then either live with it, or move away from it.

Relationships are tricky; there are many levels, many intimacies and many hurdles to get to a stable, committed, sexual and trusting relationship. Don’t rush the stages and don’t play silly games to get what you want.

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