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What Not to Do to Impress a Woman

Okay guys, today we’re going to take a look at some of the things you men do to impress the ladies, and explain why you shouldn’t do some of these things. Sure every woman is different and some may like Neanderthal behavior but for the most part, you can count …

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4 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Bed

guy looking at a womans ass and wanting sex

We all know that for the most part there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your sex life, but there are a few things concerning some of the props and fun additions to your sex life that you don’t want to do. Don’t put your toys …

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5 Mistakes Men Make In Bed

mistakes guys make in bed

Gentlemen get ready! I’m going to explain to you why your sex life might not be as satisfying or successful as you would hope. Pull up your big boy pants because some of this may deflate your ego, but if you’re manly enough to get through it, I guarantee that …

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5 Mistakes Women Make In Bed

empty bed after couple has sex in it

Okay, this one is for you ladies out there. I know that you’ve been conditioned to think that as long as a man is “getting’ some” he’s going to be happy. I hate to burst your bubble girls, but men actually do have certain things that are deal breakers and …

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What Not to Do When Meeting His Parents

an old couple who looks like a mom and dad

So, you and your sweetie have finally reached the point where you are going to meet his parents. This means that you will be scrutinized and every word out of your mouth will be judged. Of course you want to be yourself, because if the relationship lasts you can’t behave …

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What Not To Do To Get To The Next Level

woman with her finger to her mouth

Okay ladies and gents this is a fun topic to think about. I’m sure you’ve all been in what you thought was a stable relationship and then found out that the person you are seeing wants to take it to the next level. Whether that means a committed relationship, moving …

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What Not to Do When You Have a Boyfriend

the old chics from the view

Ladies, ladies, ladies, after watching several daytime talk shows I’ve been inspired to write up a short list of tips for you. The following are what you should not do when you have a boyfriend. This will save you from being invited to appear on national television to air your …

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