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What Is Sexting…And Can It Rev Up Your Sex Life?

Sexting has been in the news quite a bit over the last several months, mostly because of the teenagers who have gotten into trouble because of it. (oops!) Though the news makes it seem like sexting is a problem for kids who should know better, it’s not entirely about young adults.

Sexting is the act of sending naughty missives via your cell phone. It’s different from dirty texting because sexting includes other media, such as recordings, photographs, and video. Now that camera phones are all the rage and pictures can be sent to anyone at a moment’s notice, sexting has become a very popular way for couples to keep their sex life hot.

Are you thinking about jumping on the sexting bandwagon? If you’re considering how it might rev up your sex life, it just might be worth a try – but keep a few things in mind first.

  • Sexting is not a secure way to talk to your partner. While sending photos of yourself over the cell phone can be fun – and sometimes taking videos of what your lover’s text messages make you want to do is fun, too – you have to remember that cell phones are notoriously bad for security. If you are sending it to your partner, there is no guarantee it won’t be intercepted, sent to the wrong number, or even shared among your partner’s friends who happen to find it on his phone at some point. So be sure that your trust your partner before you hit the “send” button, and make sure your partner is willing to delete it when he’s done enjoying the pleasure.
  • Sexting can fall into the wrong hands. Sexting has been in the news often because teenagers – often underage – have been charged with crimes for sending pictures of themselves over the phone lines. When an underage person gets their hands on pictures like that, it could lead to a lawsuit – so when you do send those naughty missives, make sure they won’t fall into the hands of a person who is too young to be seeing such things!
  • Make certain your phone is one that is used by you, and only you. If you share your phone with family and friends, it can be very easy for them to find what you have sent – and they might not even be snooping when they do find it! If you share your phone with someone else, think twice before you use it for sexting.

All warnings aside, sexting can be an enhancement to your relationship, especially if you are in a long-distance situation. Your text messages to your partner surely turn him on, but seeing you in pictures, or better yet, in video – where he can also hear your voice as you reach heights of ecstasy – can be an incredible way to stay close.

Sexting is the new wave of old-fashioned text messaging. If you enjoy texting, and you know your partner is the trustworthy type, why not give sexting a try? It’s not just for teenagers anymore!

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