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Sexual Spots He May Never Tell You

You have sexual spots all over your body that men love to explore – your inner thigh, the nape of your neck, or the dimples at the base of your back. Some are obvious and some are not so obvious, but in all cases they bring delight and a heightened sense of passion when explored.

Likewise, men have spots they enjoy you exploring. And again, some are obvious and some not so obvious. One example are his nipples. He may never say “touch my nipples, baby” since that body part has long been associated primarily with female pleasure, and to do so may make him feel less virile; but rest assured, a man’s nipples are just as receptive to touch as his female counterpart.

Do you enjoy it when a man flirts with your nipples as he seeks your invitation to further play? Do you consider it a form of building trust and closeness by allowing him to discover and learn the exact level of touch that is needed by your nipples (versus others he may have known)? Do you enjoy the visual of seeing his lips, teeth, and tongue as they dance around to invite heightened or full arousal?

Guess what? He may also enjoy those things.

If you have never allowed yourself to give a man the gift of this type of reciprocal touch, it may at first seem awkward to you; but remember that it’s easy to mimic what you know. You know the moves he uses on you (how his hand strays to your breast during those early exploratory kisses), so why not use the same on him?

During kissing, take your hand and rest your open palm on his chest over one of his nipples. As your kissing grows in intensity, let the pressure of your palm grow in equal intensity as you press into him – and be aware of his response, which you may hear (through breath or words) or only feel (the growing erectness of his nipple). Just as he will most likely verbally comment on your breasts at some point, you can do the same by now saying things such as “you have an incredible chest” or, if you feel a responsive nipple, “your nipple is driving me crazy” as you press even harder into it, maybe even isolating it between two fingers to apply more direct pressure.

And if you want to set yourself apart from a lot of other women, come up with a signature move that is yours and yours alone (just as you will never forget those men that touched you in ways that few others had). One such way might be to remember that during oral sex, while you have one hand busy guiding him into your mouth or otherwise occupied with parts down there, you have another hand free. What to do with that free hand? Find his nipple and give him double the pleasure.

He may never ask for it, but he will always remember it.

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