Webcams – The Brave New Sexual World

Webcams were originally meant for use in business, where they made it much easier to chat with each other when time was of the essence. Soon webcams were being used to bring families together over long distances, as well as to introduce long distance lovers to each other in a way that hadn’t been capable in the past. And as you can imagine, those introductions quickly made their way to something a bit more intimate.

Today, camming is a booming business, and webcams on personal computers are used everyday by lovers who want to stay in touch as fully as they possibly can. And of course, webcams have opened up a whole new realm of sexual exploration. Here’s how to make the most of your webcam sessions:

Wear something that teases. A woman wearing a bra or a man wearing a shirt with buttons can make the encounter last longer simply by teasing their webcam viewer with the glimpses of more skin. The more you have to take off, the sexier you can make the session. Approach it as you would a sexual encounter in the flesh, and prepare appropriately with clothing and grooming.

Be honest. Tell your partner how you feel about webcams. Is this your first time? Tell them that, too. They will understand your nervousness – they had a first time, too! – and might even incorporate that into your webcam play. If you have ever had phone sex or cybersex via instant messaging, you already know the basics of webcams. The only difference is that your partner can see what you’re doing.

Learn the angles of the webcam before you start. Your partner might want to see parts of your body other than your face, of course. So play with your webcam when it’s just you, and figure out how to angle it for the best advantage. Playing like this will also help you become accustomed to the webcam experience.

Speak clearly and keep your movements deliberate. Webcams have different capabilities – some of them are very fast while others are extremely slow. Since you aren’t sure what your partner has, speak very clearly and keep your movements slow, careful, and deliberate. The point is to put on a bit of a show, so take your time in doing it, and make sure it’s done right!

Finally, pay attention to the background. Your partner will want to see you, not the pile of dirty clothes in the corner of your bedroom. Clean up the room a bit – after all, you are inviting someone into it with you! – and keep the webcam focused on you, which is right where your partner will want it.

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