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Watch Dirty Movies for Dirty Talk Tips

Watching dirty movies with your partner might not seem very appealing. After all, most porn movies do nothing to help a woman’s self-esteem or turn her on! The women in porn videos are often unrealistic images of women, complete with impossibly perfect breasts and the ability to climax at a single touch, over and over and over.

But don’t discount those dirty movies completely…you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

Women didn’t want to watch porn, and they made it clear – so the movie-makers responded with dirty movies geared toward women and couples. These are not the soft-focus, fade-to-black movies that showed nothing at all. These are frank, open and honest videos that show real women, real men, honest bodies, and lots of dirty dialogue that isn’t dictated by a director.

If you’re thinking about watching a dirty movie with your partner, look into the movies that are created with couples in mind. Lots of “amateur” videos are actually quite sophisticated, and have the great lighting and snappy dialogue that you want to see. They also have regular people, just like you and me. These movies are all about sex and intimacy and relationships. The sex in them is real, and it shows.

Look at places like Adam and Eve, Comstock, and Babeland to find videos that are meant for spicing things up between couples. You can get a ton of dirty talk ideas from the actors and actresses on your screen, all the while enjoying what you see. It’s nice to see real bodies and not have to compete with the plastic, molded ones!

As you watch the videos, talk about them. Tell your partner what you like. If you see a particular position that looks good, tell him you want to try it. In fact, why not try it while you are watching the naughty goods? You can try to mimic what’s on the screen and have a fantastic time in the process.

You might not make it to the end of the movie, but that’s okay – that just means you have something saved up for the next time you want to watch something dirty and make good on how horny it makes you!

The dirty talk value of those dirty movies is fantastic, but the intimate connection you can feel with your partner while watching them is just as great. So pick out something you know you will both like and give it a shot!

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  1. I just love watching “Behind The Green Door” it’s a little older but, I really like it.

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