Want to Turn Him On? Steam Up His Inbox!

dirty email messageEverybody uses email these days, don’t they? It’s easier than picking up the phone, and it’s almost as immediate. In the early days of email, it was the domain of big business and networks. It quickly became a more personal way of communication, and that’s good news for hot and horny couples!

Want to turn him on when he’s not around? Steam up his inbox! Sending out those sexy emails is a sure-fire way to whisper to his libido. If he uses email quite a bit for business purposes, imagine the thrill he will get when he sees something decidedly personal in the midst of all those business notes.

Start out simple with the emails…you will want to test the waters before you go into sexy emails with abandon. He might work for a company that frowns upon sexy emails, so starting out slow will give him the opportunity to guide you, one way or the other. If he gives you a very short and sweet response, you can assume his office is not the place to send those emails. But if he responds with growing ardor between each message, keep it up!

Here are a few ideas for starters:

I can’t stop thinking about last night.

I wonder what you’re wearing under that suit?

Would you like to come over tonight and have some dessert?

Guess what I’m doing right now?

How big is your desk? Can you do sexy things on it?

Tell me what makes you hot right now.

Can I talk dirty to you? Can you hide it from your boss?

I’ll bet everybody is wondering why you’re blushing!

If your lover encourages you to go further with your dirty talk in his inbox, now is the time to let your imagination run wild! Tailor your sexy talk to what he’s doing at work…does he have an office door he can close? Would he love to get on top of the desk and have his way with you right there? Has he fantasized about getting it on in the restroom while everyone else wonders what those noises are?

Any scenario that involves making work fun will keep his attention. If he’s not into the idea of sex at work, remind him of what he’s got waiting for him when he’s done with the job. Teasing him via email will make him hotter and hotter, and won’t give him a true release…unless he’s brave enough to lock that door and get off at work, in which case, get ready to send him some emails that steam up more than just his inbox!

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