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Want To Improve Your Sex Life? Consider Yoga.

The beautiful and sometimes difficult yoga positions might seem like a good workout, and they certainly are — but the true goal of yoga is to use the body to align the mind and soul. By the time you are done with a yoga session, your body might feel tired, but it also feels alive! And if yoga is done right, your mind has been cleared, your emotions have been released, and you’re ready to conquer the world.

Sounds a bit like a good sexual romp, doesn’t it?

Yoga can be the key to better times in the bedroom, and not just in terms of flexibility. There are many other benefits of yoga when it comes to your sex life, some of which you might have never considered.

Yoga helps you focus. When you are practicing yoga, you must focus on your breathing and your motions. If you clear your mind of everything else and focus on those things in the bedroom, you will be more “in the moment” and more present in the sexual experience.

Yoga teaches you about your body. Those little aches and pains, or that one spot that drives you crazy when touched — these are all things you will learn through yoga. You learn to be in tune with your body and all it can do. The more you know about your body, the more you will love it and understand it, and the better sex life you will have.

Yoga puts emphasis on emotion. An important part of yoga is learning to use your body release negative energy. If you’ve ever had a really good yoga session that made you want to cry, you know what this means. Part of yoga is acceptance of your body and all the wonderful things it can do — and once you accept your body and lose the self-consciousness, your emotions will come to the forefront. That can be a wonderful thing for couples in the midst of lovemaking.

Yoga promotes new positions. Okay, yes…despite all we’ve said about the lesser-known benefits of yoga, there are also benefits when it comes to the flexibility issue. Can you imagine some of those yoga poses in the bedroom? How fun would that be? The more flexible you become, the more positions you can try, and those things that seemed impossible just a few months ago might now become favorites in your book of bedroom tricks!

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