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Vibrators 101: What Toy Fits Into Your Sex Life?

The concept of vibrators is hardly a new one for anybody, but actually using them and implementing them into your love life is surprisingly not as common as you might think. Many people feel that if their love life isn’t “broken” there is no point in trying to fix it, but don’t be so quick to give the joy of vibrators the once over. These are very effective little gadgets that can amp up and add instant spice to any sex life or relationship, and work very well to do the job for those that are single. Vibrators today are almost like tattoos. Once you experience the joy and rush from one, you can’t seem to have enough and so the toy collection expands. If however you aren’t the girl with the burgeoning toy chest, and have had a little bit of hesitance when it comes to getting the buzz on, use this handy guide for Vibrators 101 to see if anything here might change your mind. Below we discuss the top 3 kinds of vibrators that you may want to start trying tonight!

1. Vibrators for Couples. Let’s start off by cutting to the chase here, because vibrators have long been given a reputation for being a single girls best friend. While this may be true, they can also become very good friends to the couple with a happy healthy sex life. If you are part of a couple looking to add some instant spice, you want to look for vibrators with plenty of features. Use as many of these features to experiment and extend the bedroom play time. They are a great way to see what your partner is into without having to ask. Good vibes for the couple are those that offer both clitoral and G spot stimulation, require a remote control, have many many fun features, and/or need more than one battery.

2. The Single Girl’s Good Vibe Guide. When you are a single girl, your imagination is your only limit. And while most single girls cherish their toys, they really only use them to “get the job done” so to speak. So a single girl may have a few quality buzzers on hand that don’t require too much fuss or manhandling, and simply do the trick within a few minutes. Using bullets, or tiny and discrete toys work well, and can also pack in your purse nicely if you need an orgasm on the go. (Don’t smirk, it happens) You may want to extend your collection for those “Special Nights” of me time, and indulge in a Rabbit, or two even. Don’t ask why, once you try it, you’ll be adding more you time to your calendar in a jiffy.

3. Vibes for the Shy girl. Don’t think that just because you are shy that you need to forego the vibe experience. In fact, exploring a little vibrations on the side may just well open up your confidence a little as you get to know exactly what you do and don’t like. For your starter vibrator, go simple and straight to the point. Get a standard vibrator, probably with a few different speeds and features, and slowly work your way into using all of them. And if you are worried about “that conversation” with the sales girl, the shy girl can avoid this awkward moment by shopping for sex toys online. No questions, no awkward silences, just you and your new best friend.

For those of you accustomed to the sex toy joy, share your knowledge with other readers. What is your favourite sex toy and why?

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