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Unusual Places To Do The Deed

Remember that scene in Pretty Woman, when Richard Gere’s character ushers everyone out of the room where he is playing piano, and Julia Roberts gets some hot and steamy action on top of that baby grand? That’s the kind of unusual place to have sex that can get your heart pumping and your libido screaming — and can give you a memory that makes you blush for years.

Here are a few unusual places you might not have considered as good spots to get your mojo on. Which one of these will you try this week?

It might seem dangerous, but having sex on a roof can be one of the hottest experiences ever. You’re up above everyone, but no one suspects — after all, how many of us look at the roofs of houses as we pass them? Just make sure the roof has a low pitch so you won’t go rolling off of it when things get hot and heavy.

The thought of having sex in a police car might be one of those far-reaching fantasies, but it can become a reality. You have to have an open-minded friend who happens to be an officer, and who is willing to “take you downtown” in the backseat of that cruiser. Just don’t hit the siren switch while you’re doing it!

The animals in the zoo would get it on if they could…but you definitely can. Find a secluded area in your local zoo — there are literally dozens of possibilities — and make like the lions on the prairie. Roar!

Do you have a taste for whiskey? Why not get off on top of a whiskey barrel? Take the tour and slip away to a quiet place for a moment, or get your own whiskey barrel and lay down on top of it, allowing your partner to enter you while rolling the barrel back and forth for leverage. Naughty!

You’re half-naked in a dressing room anyway, so why not make it a full monty? No one is going to barge in on you — they already know you are in various states of undress. If you can sneak your partner in, get it on — right after you try on that awesome dress, of course.

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