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Unleash Your Dirty Side In Unexpected Places

Sometimes dirty talk in the bedroom can seem like…well, the same old fun in the bedroom! Spice it up a bit by taking it outside…to the party…and even to the family reunion. Here are a few “unexpected places” where dirty talk, whispered into your lover’s ear, might turn a ho-hum evening into something you will never, ever forget.

The Party. Got a hankering to do something naughty at your friend’s birthday party? Maybe that dinner party is a little stale? It’s time to ramp up the evening by whispering a dirty talk fantasy into your lover’s ear. Find a quiet corner, smile and act as though you are talking about the weather, but what you are really doing is teasing your partner about the fact that you aren’t wearing panties. Score!

The Family Get-Together. Nothing brings out the naughty like being around those who think you – or your lover – is a saint. Simply lean over at the barbecue and whisper to your lover how much you want to do something unspeakably dirty to them…right at this very moment. Then sit back and watch them squirm.

The Grocery Store. Look at the goodies on the shelves for new sexual ideas. The produce section is great for this…ask your lover to choose a perfectly-sized cucumber for use as a dildo later. What could be done with those sweet, ripe peaches? Talk dirty about what’s right in front of you and see who blushes the hardest.

The Doctor’s Office. When you’re sitting in a place where decorum is expected, such as your doctor’s office or your attorney’s waiting area, it’s time to up the ante. Slide your skirt up your leg a little too far. Whisper in your lover’s ear about how comfortable the couches are. Anything that gets your mind off the task at hand and puts your thoughts squarely on…well, what you want to get your hands on!

The Workplace. Who hasn’t wanted to get it on while the boss isn’t looking? Give your lover a naughty call from the bathroom stall, slip away to the break room for a quick tease, or send a steamy email. Who says the workplace has to be staid and professional all the time?

The Church. Oh, my. You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? Sitting in church with your lover is the last place on earth you should be thinking about dirty talk, but sure enough, there you are…thinking about all those sinful things you wish you could be doing. Lean over and whisper into your lover’s ear about the things you would love to be doing right then. It’s wrong, it’s naughty, it’s oh-so-bad…which is exactly why you should do it.


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