Unique Dirty Text Message Ideas

Sexting2-4Do you want to dirty text your lover, but it seems you have already used every angle you thought you had? When it seems as though your dirty text messages are getting old, try these unique dirty text message ideas and see what happens!

The Surprise Scenario. Let’s say your partner loves a certain fetish…but it just doesn’t trip your trigger. Your lover knows this, and so they don’t bring it up all that often. Surprise them by sending a dirty text or something naughty that has to do with that very thing. It’s the last thing they expect from you, and the surprise of it will be just as heady as the reality of what they are reading. Be prepared to see it through all the way to the end, though…you can’t tease them with something like that and then draw back!

The Coy Tease. Speaking of teasing, why don’t you? Too many times text messages seem a means to an end. Why not just use them as a tool to flirt like mad? Drop a line when you have the time. The dirty text doesn’t have to be a full message or even a conversation. Something like “my panties are wet” or “I am so hard for you” is enough to get the fire going a bit, and you can keep it stoked throughout the day with the occasional teasing text.

The “No Holds Barred.” Ah, yes. Who doesn’t love this? You’re horny and you want it now, without anytaking a naked selfie waiting, so make it perfectly clear. Then launch into your dirty text  heat. Tell them what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and what you’re thinking about while you do. Don’t expect anything from them — you’re simply telling a story, and they can see the pictures in their head. If they choose to act on it, you’ve just gotten both of you off. If they are in a place where decorum is required, you’ve just made them hotter for you later, when they do have some privacy.

Which method will you use right now? Your lover is standing by!


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