First Internet Date – Two Tips to Make it Succesful

You’ve weeded through the mire of the many oh-so-traditional (and maybe some not-so-traditional) dating sites, having spent precious time balanced between excitement and disappointment, to have finally (and hopefully) found someone worthy of devoting your time; and yes, you’ve agreed to a face-to-face meeting.

Indeed it’s been a trial to have gotten to this point, having put up with such things as unanswered emails, those ever-popular (but rarely solicited) x-rated body shots, or those premature invitations to move to the next level (the sex level) before you even exchanged names.  But it is at this pivotal time that you must remain focused on the goal that originally motivated you to join those sites: to find someone worthy of inclusion in your life, and have them acknowledge their belief that you, too, are worthy of inclusion in theirs.

To help assure success in attaining your goal, it’s important that you treat this face-to-face meeting with the same excitement and planning that drove your original goal. You must devote equal diligence to this face-to-face meeting.  I know, it’s been tough and you’re feeling road weary from your journey; but now is not the time to show that weariness to the person who could turn out to be the one you hoped was hiding among the mire.

So, what are two key elements to remember at this critical time?

Enthusiasm: Even if you’re feeling road weary from your journey thus far, you have to muster up the same enthusiasm for this date that you had when you first sat down to create your dating profile. You were excited at the thought of revealing some inner secrets about yourself, right? Well, this first face-to-face should be treated with equal enthusiasm. You and another person are about to perform the human ritual of slow self-disclosure. That, in itself, should always be exciting. So greet your date with excitement in your eyes and smile.

Preparation: Again, as with the amount of time you dedicated to your online profile, making certain the words and images represented who you truly are, you must also spend preparing for this important first date. You wouldn’t put a picture in your profile of you with two-day old unwashed hair, right?  Why do it now? You can manage the agreed upon time to meet to make certain it coincides with you having enough time to prepare in advance.  So take the time to wash your hair and pick a killer outfit (while also making certain it’s appropriate to the time and place of the meeting)

It’s that easy.  And if for whatever reason there is not a second date, you won’t be wondering “if only I’d washed my hair.”

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