Turning Fantasies Into Reality?

guy breathing on a woman laying downLet’s say your lover has been very vocal about one particular fantasy lately. Maybe he’s gone on and on with details about his fantasy escapades with another woman while you sit back and watch. Maybe he’s talked about watching you with another woman — or another man — while he films it all. Has he mentioned something more taboo, the kind of things that make you blush like mad when you think of them, the fantasies you know he would never really want to try?

Those fantasies don’t have to stop with dirty talk . While you don’t have to go all the way and make them a reality (after all, do you really want to get arrested for having public sex in Central Park?), you can ramp up the fire by recreating those fantasies as best you can — right in the privacy of your own bedroom.

When it comes to fulfilling some of those dirty talk fantasies, sex toys are your friend! A trip through the internet sex shops can provide hours of fun and any toy you can imagine. If you’re more adventurous, locate your nearest local store and pay them a visit. Take your lover along. As you’re shopping for the toys, whisper into his ear that you remember that fantasy he loves so much. Would he like to try it out now?

If you’re the kind who loves to spring surprises on your partner, keep your activities quiet until the big night, when you put a smile on his face by telling him his fantasy is about to come true.

If he’s dying to be with two women at once, but you’re not comfortable with actually inviting another woman into bed with you, now is the time to invest in men’s sex toys! We’re not talking about those silly blow-up dolls, either. There are plenty of products out there that stimulate the feel and motion of a woman’s most intimate parts. Blindfold your lover, tie him to the bed, and whisper into his ear while you slowly slide that toy down his erection. Make him imagine it’s another woman, and taunt him with it — perhaps demand that he come for her and let you watch. You know what trips your man’s trigger, so use it to your advantage!

This fantasy trick works for you, too. Want to be with two men but you’re too shy to ever really consider it? Those sex shops have a huge variety of dildos to choose from. Ask your lover to use one on you while you do something to him — what, it doesn’t matter. It’s your fantasy! Simulate the idea of two men by using that dildo and making the most of your dirty talk while you’re doing it. It might not be the “real thing” but it’s pretty close!

You can also spice up the dirty talk with costumes. Does your lover have a thing for being spanked by his teacher? Become that teacher! Outfit yourself with the skirt, the finely-pressed blouse, the wire-rimmed glasses and the hair in the bun. Hold a ruler in one hand and a piece of chalk in the other. If he’s been a very bad boy, he gets a good spank with that ruler — and if he’s been exceptionally bad, he gets a trip to the principal’s office, where he just might meet up with the big paddle.

The dirty talk fantasies are endless. Which ones do you want to make into reality? Ask your lover which ones he wants to take a bit further, and then you can work together to make your favorite fantasies into your favorite bedroom games.

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