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Try These Great Dirty Talk Phrases On Your Lover Tonight!

Mmmm…Yummy dirty talk! Dirty talk phrases are usually enough to get me hotter than fire – how about you? If you’re looking for dirty talk phrases that will turn your lover on beyond belief, I’ve got some tips that will make your words a hit.

Don’t just talk dirty to the one you lust after. Talk dirty and make a scene at the same time! Are you wearing a sexy little dress and no panties underneath? Tell him. “My sweet little pussy is bare underneath this dress. Wanna feel?” Then flash him by lifting up the hem and bumping your hips. Drop the dress and walk away. He’s sure to follow!

You can make this work with any kind of dirty talk. “Guess what I’m going to do to you when we get home?” is a great way to lead into a frank discussion about what you have planned. Explain to your lover in very vivid detail exactly what you want to do on the drive home. “I’m going to play with myself and make myself cum for you.” Tell him what to expect when you get behind closed doors. “I’m going to get on my knees and service you until you scream in ecstasy.” Give him even more than that: “Then we’re going to get in the shower and do it all again.”

Get your lover started on the dirty talk, too! In the middle of a perfectly normal conversation, switch gears. “So, how are you going to fuck me later?” is a great way to get his mind revving! Simply asking if it’s time to leave yet, and giving him a wink for good measure, might hurry up the goodbyes and get the two of you alone!

When you are behind closed doors, anything goes – so make what you want crystal clear. You can be coy when you’re out on the town, but when you’re in private, say things that will scorch the very air between you. “Get over here and give it to me hard,” is a good start, but I know you can come up with many more dirty talk phrases that will get the blood pumping…and other things pumping, in fact.

What dirty talk phrases turn you on the most?

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