12 Sexy Truth Or Dare Questions To Spice Things Up

naughty truth of dare questionsRemember that old game of truth or dare? You would ask someone to reveal a deep inner truth – if they didn’t want to do that, they had to take the dare. The older the players got, the more decidedly intimate the questions were, and the spicier the dares became. Many a stupid stunt was completed during a game or truth or dare, but by the same token, many sexy feelings were revealed during the “truth” portion of the game.

Why not play truth or dare with your partner? You can make the game fun whether you have been together for decades, or if you have just met at the bar and need something to break the ice.

Need some ideas for the best truth or dare questions?

The whole point of truth or dare is to ask something that is a bit embarrassing, but very revealing for everyone involved. You can learn so much about your partner through a fun and silly game – much more than you might be able to learn through any serious discussion! And the dares portion of the game can make things oh-so-hot…but we’ll get to that in a minute!

Here are some great truth or dare questions to get the dirty talk started:

What was your first sexual experience?
If you could be with anyone at all, with no repercussions whatsoever, who would it be?
Which celebrity would you most like to shag?
What was your most embarrassing sexual mistake?
Have you ever been with more than one person in bed?
What was the hottest thing you ever did in bed?
What is your biggest sexual regret?
What gets you off when you masturbate?
What sexual position do you like the best?
What is the nastiest or kinkiest thing you have ever done?
What parts of BDSM turn you on?
Name the strangest thing you have ever fantasized about?

You can go further with the questions and become more explicit as the game goes on. It’s always fun to add onto a question with a later question. For example, if you ask your partner if they have ever had more than one person in bed, and they say yes, your next question could be “Man or woman?” Like I said, it’s very revealing!

sexyThe dares should be sexual in nature, of course, but something that you would not normally do in bed together. Get as creative as you can! It can be as simple as going down on him while the curtains are open, or it could be as naughty as dancing naked on the balcony for thirty seconds. The crazier the dares, the better!

Are you ready to jump into a game of truth or dare with your partner? Go ahead – you’re bound to have a good time. And that’s the truth!


  1. What is YOUR biggest sexual mistake…truth or dare?

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