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Trenchcoats And Ribbons – How To Surprise Your Partner

Yes, we’ve all heard the stories of the woman who went to her lover’s office wearing nothing but a trench coat and high heels. We’ve heard the stories of the woman who greeted her husband at the door wearing nothing but a bright red ribbon and a smile. Sure, they might work to turn your lover on and give them a memory to smile about, but are there other – perhaps more subtle ways? – to get the mojo going?

Here are a few tips to try when you want to pleasantly surprise your partner…and end up with a little bit of naughty!

Wear his shirt. There is just something about a woman wearing her man’s shirt that turns him on every single time. Wear is with a few buttons open, and make sure you are wearing nothing underneath. If you happen to be wearing the shirt you removed from his body last night, all the better! Spritz some of his cologne on the fabric for an extra special “thinking of you” touch.

Buy unusual lingerie. By now he might have seen your lingerie collection…usually when it was lying on the floor after he took it off your body! Surprise him with something new and unusual. If you don’t normally wear babydolls or teddies, now is the time. Mix it up with what he doesn’t expect and watch his eyes light up with anticipation the moment he sees you!

Get caught! Think about it: Don’t you love the thought of your lover masturbating while thinking of you? Make it a reality for your partner by hopping into bed with the vibrator about five minutes before he gets home. Let him catch you in the act and invite him to join in and help you finish.

Get wet. What better way to greet your partner than covered in nothing but drops of water? That’s what you can do if you invite your lover to join you in the shower. Leave a note on the door telling him where to find you and proceed to get steamy with the bubbles. When your lover peeks in, pull him into the shower – and make short work of his wet clothes while you look him in the eye and promise that you will wash every inch of his body…with your tongue.

Make it an event. Want to go all out with a surprise party for two? Book a hotel room with a jacuzzi, a walk-in shower, and a king-size bed. Get there early and light candles, turn down the bed, and start up the jacuzzi jets. Call your partner and tell him where to meet you – and from the moment he walks in the door, make it a nothing-but-sex event. Enjoy!

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