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Top THREE Things to Take Out of Your Relationship TODAY

Everybody knows that relationship are hard work, and this is precisely why many men would rather have a tooth filled than consider entering a relationship. Relationships take time and effort, and many people think that just finally landing in one is all you need. While it is true that finding yourself in a committed relationship in itself takes work, do not rest easy thinking that the battle is won. No in fact the battle has just begun, and if you want your relationship to last, here are three things you need to take out of it today. Removing these three little elements will ensure that you and your loved one will have a solid foundation for a happy, healthy relationship.

1.  Nagging: This sounds like too much common sense, but the fact of the matter is that nagging will get you nowhere but single fast. If men wanted someone to nag them, they would stay with their mothers. Hint, if they still ARE with their moms, this may be a major red flag for you. Nagging has absolutely nothing to do with love and commitment, and serves to annoy and frustrate the recipient. The more often this happens, the more they begin to visualize themselves without the nagging..which means, without you.

2.  Drama: Are you a complainer? Do you spiral when you break a nail? Men don’t like this or anything that has to deal with drama queens and divahood. We all have a moment or two when our inner brat takes control, but if this is you more often than it is not, reconsider your gameplan. This will lead to your man walking on eggshells around you leading to an unfair balance quotient in the relationship. When you can brush off those little challenges in life, your man will respect you for your strength and stick-to-it-iveness. The last thing he wants to do is compete with you, so, date without drama.

3. Indecisiveness: Women that are wishy washy and not able to make a decision frustrate men. If you are always saying things like ‘whatever you’re up to, I’m ok with’, or ‘that sounds good, whatever is fine’ then you are indecisive and your man will begin to lose respect for you over time. You knew you wanted HIM didn’t you? If you are hankering for Italian one night, just say so! Men love women that know what they want, and if you are able to openly communicate that to him, it will make his job, pleasing you, that much easier.

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