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Top 5 Clues That Let Him Know You Are Faking

Oh yes, we’ve all been there. Research shows that 70% of us women have done the deed at least once, or at least faked the deed. And the other 30%… are lying. This is a true fact. Every woman that wants to read this article wants to because they know they’ve been faking and are wondering if he does too. It’s one thing to fake it, but an entirely other issue to get caught, isn’t it. That’s right. None of us EVER want to be there, but yet, there comes the time. Some women fake with the same person all the time, others only fake it when ‘it’s necessary’. Personally, I was married for a while and stumbled across my own times when it was ‘necessary’, but am now at a point in my life where I don’t think faking it helps anyone really. Sex is supposed to be fun, for BOTH of you, so don’t waste your time stumbling with a big fake. And here we are going to discuss some clues or signs that he gets that shows him you are faking anyway. If THESE tips aren’t going to help you really enjoy the experience, we don’t know what will.

1. Hot and sweaty? Good, you’ve been having a good time. No? He may wonder why you aren’t collapsing in an exhausted heap.

2. What do you do after sex? Do you jump up and get going with your day? Are you running to the loo and locking the door? Or will you snuggle down and spend a few extra minutes with him? If you aren’t acting dazed and blissed, he may wonder why.

3. Sensitive? How sensitive are you? And no, not to his feelings immediately after. To touch. Are your hot parts still tingling and couldn’t handle a graze at this point? Or are you jumping around for more? If you aren’t slowing down, a man that knows women well will be a little curious.

4. Panting and breathing. Is your breathing labored and heavy? Or is it normal and steady? This is a physiological response to orgasm, and is almost impossible to fake the reactions that cause this. Again, this may take a more experienced man to figure out, but do you really want to leave this to chance?

5. Muscle spasms? For many men this is an obvious sign. Women don’t orgasm exactly the same way men do so it IS easier to fake. If you are just going through the motions, making the noise, and acting like it’s a riot, but AREN’T shaking and quivering where you need to be shaking and quivering…this one is actually clue number 1. Men love the feel of your body losing its mind against yours, as is the case with orgasm. They love it so much they look forward to it. If it doesn’t happen, and you say that it does, don’t be surprised if their eyebrows hop up a bit.

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