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Top 3 Sex Myths For Women Debunked

When it comes to sex, we women will convince ourselves of just about anything. We will convince ourselves of a myriad of myths and fantasies when we want to do it, when we don’t want to do it, why men want to do it, and what men want from us. The important thing to remember though is that sex is one of those facets of life that can not be over analyzed.

Consider sex to be a gift to human kind, a means by which you can experience pleasure with your body with somebody else. And well, if that somebody else is somebody that you care about, all the better. Enjoy the gift, don’t over analyze it. Yet still, at the end of the day, women still convince themselves of a number of issues to prevent them from fully enjoying this experience. Here we will debunk the top sex myths that you may have in the hopes of making your sex life a little more enjoyable. And hey, if your frequency boosts as well, there’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

1. You need to look perfect to have great sex. This is perhaps the most important myth to debunk because we have convinced ourselves as women that we need to look great to be appreciated in bed. We’ve convinced ourselves that we don’t deserve sex unless we look or feel like Cindy Crawford. Shake this off right away, because your man wants sex more often than you know. And if he is with somebody on a regular basis, i.e. YOU, he is only thinking about sex with you. He doesn’t care how showered you are or aren’t, how bloated you are or aren’t, or anything to that effect. Once your clothes come off, he is only thinking about one thing, and it isn’t about your thighs jiggling. Stop thinking you need to look perfect to enjoy sex. You don’t, you only need to enjoy your partner and enjoy the act to get the most out of it.

2. Turning your man on is a lot of work. WRONG. If you are with a regular partner, then really, he has taken it as a given that he will have sex regularly, or as often as he wants. Sometimes though, your needs won’t really align with his, and you may find yourself in the mood when he isn’t. These moments are rare by the way, because men think of sex ALL the time, so if and when they should occur, make the most of them. You don’t need to cook him a huge meal or give him a back rub (though those don’t hurt), you just need to be suggestive and subtle. Sometimes for a man all it takes is the glimpse of an inch or two of skin between your top and your jeans and he will start thinking. This is one area where women actually DO have it easier, as men are always working so hard to get our attention. Let him keep working hard when HE wants the mojo, but take advantage of the fact that when it’s YOUR turn, you really don’t have to do much.

3. You don’t need to pay too much attention in bed. This is another important myth to debunk considering that one of men’s biggest complaints about their sex lives is that their partner is too distracted. Men complain about having to “do all the work” and “put in all the effort” all the time. The end result? Less sex for you and a partner that enjoys it less and less often. Women are multi-taskers so it is very easy for us to get distracted during the act. Is it too hot? Should we close the blinds? Next time, forget about everything, and focus only on your partner and what he is doing to you. This will allow you to enjoy the experience SO much more, and maybe even come up with a few things where you can make his experience more enjoyable as well. You’ve heard it before, but listen again, put all other thoughts out of your mind and focus on the man himself.

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