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Top 3 Places For Outdoor Sex!

Ah, outdoor sex. For those of you that have already ventured into territory beyond the bedroom, literally, then you are getting a smile on your face and hoping to get some new ideas, right? For those of you that aren’t, you may be on the fence with this one, or even wondering why make this a consideration at all? The fact is, there is no quicker way to jump start any sex life than with some outdoor sex. Whether you two are already skilled at getting each other hanging off the chandelier, or are in any zone of stale with your sex life, then a quick trip to the outdoors will do the trick. There is nothing more exciting than going bold, and doing it somewhere you may be seen or caught. Add that to the dimension of fresh air on your bare skin, and outdoor sex adds an all new level to your already exciting relationship. Are you looking for some tips on places to feel that air? Here are some ideas, but remember, your boundaries are limitless now, use your imagination. Use these as guidelines, but let your creativity fill in the blanks.

1. Your own backyard. Here we start slow if you are a newbie to the great act in the great outdoors. But this zone is excellent even for the couple that has been together for a few bumps on the road. Using your backyard creates an air of spontaneity that you just can’t fake, and the thought alone will get both your juices flowing. Next time he runs out to start up the barbecue, sneak up behind him and take him someplace sexy in your backyard. He won’t know what hit him, and won’t want to think about it. This may be the year you decide to put a hammock out.

2. Water. Use your imagination…a pool, hot tub, beach, bathtub, whatever, so long as it is outside. In the water, we are deliciously weightless, and you both are feeling light, buoyant and have no consciousness of what your body looks like…only what it feeeels like. Which is amazing. And surprisingly, one of the most discrete means of having sex with Mother Nature.

3. A famous place or landmark. This can be anything. We could be talking major famous like the Eiffel Tower (if that happens to you, please write as we will ALL want to envy every sordid detail), or it could be something as a landmark to YOU. The bathroom stall of “your” restaurant? Pick a place that has a historic or personal significance and this will make THIS outdoor getaway one that will never be forgotten. Ever. No Matter What. No matter where you pick, you can bet every time he drives by there, or sees the Eiffel tower on TV….for the rest of his life….that is what he will think about. You know you want to be that girl.

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