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Top 20 Guy Phrases Decoded

Don’t you ever just wish that you could have a translator every time your guy or the latest cute guy is hanging around? We spend so much time over analyzing every text and email and we still never seem to really get them. Find out what he really means, here are some of the top guy phrases decoded, translated into women’s speak. And maybe just maybe these will give you some insight into your guy.

Be warned, some of these aren’t pretty, and yes, the truth DOES hurt sometimes. But we all know that when it comes to love and dating, having all the facts in front of us is always more satisfying, it’s how we learn and move on. Get inside your guy’s head today by checking out these top decoded guy phrases.

1. “I’m not good at relationships”, or, “I’m not looking for a relationship”
He means, I don’t think you are important enough for me to put in the effort. Or…I won’t be good in a relationship with you because that’s not what I want.

2. “I was good when i was out with the guys.”
He means, good is a relative term, and I’m not telling you everything because it will make me look bad, but I didn’t cheat on you.

3. “Isn’t that a little too sexy for a night out with the girls?”
He means…Put something else on, I don’t want guys hitting on you

4. “Don’t worry, my mom is always like that around new people.”
He means….She’s not a big fan…yet. But hang in there.

5. “Sorry I haven’t called/written/texted, whatever.”
He means….I’m not really sorry, but your wrath is not something I am interested in.

6. “My friends LOVED you!”
He means…I think I might love you too!

7. “I just need some space.”
He means…It’s done, but I can’t think of a nicer way to say it, and I’m really not up for the psycho thing right now.

8. “My family has been asking about you.”
He means…We are definitely a couple, but this is my roundabout way of saying so.

9. “I really don’t want to rush into anything.”
He means..I don’t want to rush into anything with YOU.

10. “We should hang out sometime.”
He means…I’m afraid you will say no if I formally ask you out, so I am using this terminology.

11. “I’m not going to change.”
He means…I don’t have the cahonas to dump you, so I’m going to be a complete jerk so that you do it for me

12. “Why are you being so emotional?”
He means…Why are you acting like a psycho?

13. “It’s a long story.”
He means…It’s not really all that long, but it’s one that makes me look bad, and this will turn into a long conversation if we go there, so how about we just don’t.

14. “He seems like he’s a really good friend of yours.”
He means…Did you ever sleep with him?

15. “You’re such a great friend.”
He means…I never want to date you.

16. I hate game playing.
He means…Actually, I am a master at game playing, but I don’t want you playing any on me.

17. “I’m pretty much single.”
He means…I have a girlfriend, but you’re hot.

18. “My ex is a psycho.”
He means…I screwed her over and she got upset about it. And it’s entirely possible that I will be calling you a psycho one day too.

19. “I didn’t think it was that big a deal.”
He means…I totally knew that it was, that’s why I didn’t tell you.

20. “That’s not what I meant at all.”
He means…That’s exactly what I meant, but now I see you are going a little crazy over it, so I’m just wishing I hadn’t said anything at all.

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