Top 11 Male Online Dating Profiles Decoded

Top 11 Male Online Dating Profiles DecodedWell girls, it’s the 21st century, and dating has taken on an all new life form. It’s quite the booming business, and dating online seems more “the norm” than it did in days gone by. Everybody’s doing it, and you hear a new “they’re getting married, oh did you know they met online?” story every day. Are you looking for your soulmate online? Coming from a girl who has read probably thousands of men’s profiles, let’s help you decode a man’s profile.

Men are pretty predictable, and they use fewer words than women, so decoding their profile to get a feel for them can be pretty tough. Here are some common “types” to look for the next time you are scanning your matches list.

The Desperate Geek: He’ll stand out, the one that comes to mind for me is the guy who had the “Take a Chance on Me” lyrics in his profile.

The Super Geek: this guy will mention Star Wars or gaming at some point in his profile. Just a regular SuperGeek if he only lists it in his Interests. If he lists it into Interests and works it into “conversation” in his profile, he’s a Super Strength Super Geek and will expect participation.

The Every Guy: This is the most common, and thus you won’t see much, the easiest to read. “just looking to meet some nice women, sick of the bar scene.” This is a guy that loves all things guy. Sports, camping, the Simpsons, Family Guy, wing night with the boys, you get the picture.

The Every Guy with a Professional Education and Career: At least one of his pics will be him in a suit. He’ll make a point to tell you that he’s educated but normal. “ I’m disillusioned with the bar scene and find with a busy professional life, it is tough to meet ambitious, intelligent, and interesting women.” He’ll want you to have a professional career, be self-sufficient financially, and STILL let him have a night with the boys, but it will probably be the Cigar or Yacht Club.

The Plain Lazy Guy: this one will write “just ask” in ANY of his boxes, and you will just keep searching along

The Guy With Baggage: you’ll read things like “bad luck brought me here” and he’ll probably have ‘separated’ or ‘living together’ in his profile status. (yes, those men exist) And he’ll also be looking for long-term. Honey, he’s not looking for The One, he’s looking for Any One.

The Long Term Guy: he’ll say it in his “looking for” and mention it repeatedly in ways like “looking to make some memories with” or will use the term “best friend”. If he has a lot of romantic ideas in his profile, he IS looking for the one, but NOT just anyone.

The Short Term Guy: ”someone to have fun with” the term hang out will probably crop up as well.

The I’m Looking for a Replacement Mommy Guy: “I guess a first date is like a job interview where we ask questions and stuff.” Often confused with the Guy with Baggage Guy, and you want no part of either.

The I Want You To Think I’m Romantic but Not Trying Guy: “Girls, take the night off, on our first date why don’t YOU let ME cook for YOU?” Yep, he’s trying too hard, and might be a chauvinist.

The Ugly Passing off as Lazy Guy: An excuse will be offered as to why he has no pic in his profile. “I just got this computer and don’t know how to upload pics.” And you’ll know this because he sent you a message, because normally you don’t view profiles without pics. It’s 2009, he knows how to upload pics.

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