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Top 10 Things To Put In Your Bedroom Treasure Chest

That’s right girls, your bedroom treasure chest is the topic for today. Every room that enjoys the joys of love should have their own unique chest that contains all of the goodies you may want to add to those joyous evenings. Call it a treasure chest, call it a nightstand drawer, call it a shoebox under the bed, call it what you will. But you may be surprised just how heightened your love making can be with your own box of tricks at hand. Think of it as adding a cherry to the sundae. The sundae is pretty good without the cherry, how can you not adore each delicious bite? But there’s just something a little more exciting about the sundae with the cherry, isn’t there? If you don’t have your own treasure chest, here are some ideas to get your “cherry” mojo going. And if you do have one, maybe you’ll pick up an idea or two along the way.

1. Speaking of cherries…..food makes a delightful addition to any sex fest. Use your imagination here. Keep some on hand, and put a picture in your box. When the time comes, you’ll get the gentle reminder.

2. Sex toys – vibrators, dildos, whatever works for you. If these make you shy, battery operated massages come in very handy.

3. Blindfold – something soft and satiny. It may get used on you.

4. Erotica – literature, porn, sexy stories, anything you can read or watch together.

5. A Feather or Brush for teasing and tantalizing. Feather dusters are soooo much fun here.
6. Stockings. Two-fold purpose here, if you wear them, you’ll look incredibly hot. If you use them to tie him up…..you’ll look incredibly hot.

7. Something for him. Here is your chance to show him how unique he is, even with your bag of tricks. Use something that is personal to him only and he will be thrilled at how you’ve thought of him in advance, and be only more than willing to return the attention.

8. Birth control. If that’s not a concern, keep safe sex in mind if you are um, “between partners”.
9. A box of tissues or a soft cloth for a quickie cleanup.

10. Massage oil or sexy scented moisturizers. Minty scents for men are known to trigger their pleasure zone, and soft scents like vanilla, jasmine or rose are wonderful trigger scents for women.

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