Too Shy For Dirty Talk?

don't be shy during sexWhen you’re thinking about dirty talk in bed , you might become tongue-tied. What to say? The dirty words might sound good when you read them in an erotic novel or hear them coming from you television screen. But when it comes time to let loose with those words in bed, you blush and fumble, and maybe even forget what to say.

It’s a common problem to have, and luckily for you, there’s an easy to way to overcome it!

If you aren’t sure what to say in bed, start by practicing long before you get there. Write down all the dirty words you can think of, then put them in various combination’s.  Make the list as long as you can.

Once you’ve done that, stand in front of the mirror, list in hand – and read it aloud, watching yourself as you say the words.

Will it make you giggle? Blush? Laugh out loud? Of course it will!

The point is to get comfortable with saying the words. Just say them. The more you say them, the more comfortable you will get. The less you will blush. The sultrier your voice will become.

Play with it! Put the words together in sentences. Purse your lips at the mirror while you purr your latest dirty word phrases. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the words themselves that are dirty! Your attitude while you say them can make even the most virginal phrases sound sexy.

When you do decide to say words like that in bed, choose just one. Make a point of focusing on that word as you are practicing with the mirror. Get comfortable with saying it. Put it in as many combinations of sentences as you can.

When you are in bed with your partner, whisper one of those naughty sentences into his ear. It can be a very simple sentence. You don’t have to start out with the really dirty words – you can begin with dirty talk phrases that bring to mind other things.

Something like “I love it when we do this” can lead to the teasing question of “Do what?”

Which then leads to…

You get the idea!

Practice, practice, practice! Learning to talk dirty in bed takes time. For more tips to inspire you, check out “The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty.”

And then tease, tease, tease. Soon, you will utter something you thought you would never say, and your partner will notice.

Then you can practice on him! What better way to learn what works than to watch your partner’s eyes every time you say something that revs the passion a little higher?


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