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To Film Or Not To Film? That Is The Question.

When the subject of dirty talk comes up, many people think of porn movies. They might laugh at the over-the-top antics and words that come along with the steamiest porn films, but a part of the porn film world seems…interesting. Intriguing, perhaps. And maybe one night after watching another sexy romp on the television screen, you decide to be a porn star in the privacy of your own bedroom. All you need is a filthy mouth, an even filthier mind, and a video camera.

But hold your horses, cowgirl…before you take the reins on a homemade porn film, consider what you might be getting into.

First, the good points of amateur porn: You get to make a movie! And it’s all about your pleasure, and his pleasure, and the pleasure of whoever else might be starring in your very personal documentary. You get to try out that great new dirty talk vocabulary you’ve been practicing. You have the opportunity to fulfill your inner “bad girl” dreams, and show the world just how sexy you can get. You will have a permanent and very personal memoir of an intimate relationship. You will also have the added bonus of confidence for days on end, as you can walk around with that “I’m a porn star!” glow and make people wonder where that sly grin and the gleam in your eye really came from.

But now, the cons: Homemade porn videos are almost never like the real thing, and that could disappoint you. Porn videos use certain lighting. Production teams are on hand to do makeup retouches. The edited version has cut out all the unflattering shots. In some cases, the film is on a loop – honestly, do you really think that guy can keep coming that long? But when you create your porn movie, you might expect it to turn out like that of your favorite porn stars, and that will probably just not be the case.

There are also questions of self-esteem. Are you ready to see yourself on camera? Some people love to ham it up, but others suddenly see every little flaw, even if others think they look absolutely perfect. If your confidence is shaky before the video shoot, it could be even shakier when you’re done.

Finally, one last word of caution: Keep that video under lock and key. We’ve all heard the horror stories of homemade porn videos finding their way to the internet, and you don’t want to deal with that, do you?

If you’ve read through all of this and you’re still dying to break out that dirty talk and those naughty thoughts in front of the camera, go for it! You will have a good time, make some memories, and who knows? It might lead to something more. Homemade movies are great fun as long as you approach them with a realistic idea of the outcome in mind – so call “Action” and get your love life on film!

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