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To Call Or Not To Call? 5 Answers To This Age Old Question.

Ah yes, as long as telephones exist, this is a question that plagues women every day. Why? Because we women are always thinking and over thinking and obsessing about every relationship element. More often than not this obsession and over analyzing leads us into trouble, because believe me, men are NOT overworking their brains worrying about the call situation. They either are or they either are not going to call, and more often than not, by the time they have taken your phone number, they’ve already made this decision. But this is a question with very simple answers, so you can not put your agonizing to rest, at least on this issue.

Here we are going to give you some very clear cut answers on whether you should or should not call him, and hopefully this will free up some time so that you can find another aspect of your relationship to over analyze. As you will see, a little common sense will take you far with this question, so feel free to use yours.

1. He called, you were out, he wants you to call him back. This is a definite yes. You don’t need to think about this one really, because not returning his call is just plain rude. Not returning anybody’s call is just plain rude. If he’s called, and missed you, the door is wide open here for you to pick up the phone. Don’t wait 5 minutes, or 5 hours, or however long you think you “need” to let him think you are busy, just call him. You’ll want him to do the same for you, no? It’s not rocket science.

2. You exchanged numbers, but you haven’t heard from him and it’s been like, 3 days. There is no set number of days or hours where you need to wait for him to call. The truth is that if a man is thinking about you, he will call you. If he wants to talk to you, he will find a way to do that. On the other hand though, there are some men that just plain forget to call or get caught up in life. If it’s been 3 days, and not 17, you can give him a buzz without looking like your happiness depends on hearing from him. If you’re a little hesitant, an email will do the same trick, but keep it brief and non-clingy. If he responds, you take it from there. Remember, easy, breezy, beautiful, casual girl. Don’t call and get all panicky with him wondering why he hasn’t called in 72 hours.

3. You had a great date. He said he would call. You’ve waited, and waited, and he hasn’t called, emailed, texted, or ANYTHING. Sorry honey, but no, he hasn’t been in an accident that has prevented him from calling, his phones haven’t been cut off, and his sick grandmother hasn’t been keeping him from the phone or email. He’s just not that into you. Why waste your time obsessing over him then? Plenty of other fish in the sea sweetheart, and I just bet there is one that is interested in calling when he says he will. The truth again? Men WILL call when they want to no matter HOW busy they are.

4. You broke up, miss him, and just want to hear his voice. You have the perfect “excuse” to block your number and pick up that phone. You can see how crazy that sounds, can’t you? But you’ve been there with that train of thought. We all have. Did he forget something at your house? Did you (pretend to) “forget” something at his house? Did you need to say just one last thing so that he can replace that last horrible conversation? Don’t do it. And if you do, wait at least two months post breakup. Calling or emailing or anything at this point is going to make you look desperate and needy and remind him why he’s happy you two are over. Men aren’t as stupid as we would sometimes like them to be, and well, if you are using an ‘excuse’ to talk to him again, he’ll know it, and he’ll just shake his head over it and be glad you two are done the second he gets off that phone.

5. You’re drunk, and horny. This one is mixed. Normally I follow the “Don’t Drink and Dial” philosophy, but this one WILL work if you are in a steady relationship and this is ‘standard procedure’. Many men are even flattered by the Drink ‘N Dial, they love to know that you’ve been thinking of them when they aren’t around. But, use common sense. If you haven’t spoken to the man in weeks, or anything more than 7 days, my answer to this one will be no. Not only will you not “get him back” or “pique his interest” again, but you’re just going to look like a sad, horny drunk girl. Is that the last impression you want to leave him with?

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