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Tips And Tricks For The Best Erotic Photos

At some point, everybody gets curious – what do you look like in the nude? There is a reason that hotel rooms – and even some homes! – have huge mirrors in good view of the bed. People love to see themselves in photographs, and lovers like the idea of sending an erotic photo to their partner. More and more people are doing it these days – are you one that wants to try it out, too?

Looking your best for erotic photographs is of the utmost importance. These tips will help you be more comfortable when it’s time to drop that robe and show your stuff:

Use a digital camera. Old-fashioned film might seem sexier, but unless you have your own darkroom, it puts you in the uncomfortable situation of having your photos seen by a third party. Though there are several photo companies that will develop your erotic photographs, the thought of a technician somewhere enjoying the pictures of your body is off-putting to some. Choose a digital camera and you don’t have to worry about that problem.

Decide what your theme will be. Maybe you want to do coy photographs that show only certain body parts and don’t reveal your face. Or perhaps you want photographs that don’t show you naked, but instead feature you covered in a sheet, a thin negligee, or other sexy cover-ups. Do you want to go for the raunchy or keep it artistic? Look at the internet to get ideas of photographs you think are beautiful, and use those to inspire your own theme.

Set the mood. You should feel sexy when you do an erotic photo shoot, so set the mood just as if you were going to have sex. Light candles, play soft music, and use incense to invoke the sexy mood you need. Keep the lighting very soft – harsh lights will glare on the camera lens and highlight every physical imperfection. Soft lights will keep you looking your best.

Do you need a timer? If you’re going to have sex on camera and get some shots of the two of you, your digital camera should have a timer that takes shots at regular intervals until the memory cards run out. If you are comfortable having a friend watch you as you have sex, you can hand the camera over to them – but make sure you are comfortable with it before you take that step.

Enjoy your photos! Look at the photographs, decide what worked and what didn’t, and you can better plan for the next session. Whether you have these photos done professionally or handle it on your own at home, you are sure to create something your partner will love – and something you can cherish for years to come.

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