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Naughty Talking Lesson

Okay, gather round. Today we’re going to have a naughty talking lesson.

But we have been talking about dirty words, right? Every post on this blog sparks a discussion on talking dirty. That is definitely true, but we haven’t yet addressed the fact that sometimes, you simply run out of words. Sometimes, your imagination is stretched to the limit. What words do you come up with when all the words seem to be used up?

You come here, and you learn new ones!

Today, let’s talk about what you call certain body parts. What do you call your lover’s penis when you can’t think of anything else to say that seems fresh and new? Here’s a short list of ideas:

Cock or Dick (of course, these are the most common)
Hard Shaft

Add adjectives to any of those you choose. His “hot dick” is good, and “hot, throbbing dick” is even better. Put a sexy action with it, such as “Do you like it when I stroke your hot, throbbing dick?”

Don’t hesitate to change things up if your lover likes something in particular. If you’re in a dominant mood, be sure to call it “MY cock.” Not his. Because you’re the one manhandling it, aren’t you? And for the next hour or so, it is yours — you’re taking your pleasure from it! Adding a dominant or submissive angle to the words you use can make all the difference in the heat of your bedroom romp.

Come back soon, and we’ll talk about your own body parts — and ways to get your man to say those naughty, down and dirty words you love to hear!

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  1. How about Johnson and Woodie? Also, ask your man if he has a pet name for his penis.

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