Three Ways To Pamper Your Partner

Dating2-2We all love to be indulged. And when someone else takes the initiative to show us they care by indulging us, that’s a sure fire recipe for relationship success; especially when multi-sensory stimulation is employed.

There have been uncountable articles written about sexual indulgences, but what is equally important to a successful relationship is pampering with no end-motive — in essence, pampering for the mere purpose of showing appreciation.

Sure, we all love to be sexually expressive and sexually appreciated, but there are times, too, when we need to know that we are valued for not only who we are, but also appreciated for what we bring to the relationship.
What are three quick and easy ways to plan a perfect evening of pampering with no end motive (something your partner will truly appreciate) while also acknowledging that you inherently know your partner?

Music: You know your partner in many ways. One of those ways is in knowing their musical tastes and preferences. Create a music mix that you know they will not only enjoy, but will also help set the intended mood for the evening, whether it be to relax them or to be invigorating and celebratory over a recent personal or work accomplishment. This is also a great chance for you to share some things about yourself with your partner by maybe tossing in a few (no more than two or three) songs that you enjoy which they may not have heard. This opens conversation and interpersonal sharing – two things critical to any healthy relationship.

Food: Just as your know your partner’s tastes in music, you know their preferences in food. With the music as a backdrop, why not indulge them in this sensory pleasure, as well? Don’t worry; you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to. You can go out (with the music in the car as you drive to your destination) or you can order in (with the mix still playing). Either way, the act in and of itself shows that you have not only thought of the person, but that you have put their desires above your own – again, a critical element to a successful relationship.

Special Touch: Remembering that this is not about sexual indulgence but rather the showing of appreciation, Smiling young couple in lovethe touches here are subtle, appreciative, calming, and thoughtful. Think back to the early days of your relationship – a slight touch to the hand as you shared laughter meant so much; a soft stroke to nape of the neck was calming; and the feeling of your palm against their cheek conveyed a sense of value. Those are still necessary touches.

The shared stimulation of listening, tasting, and feeling can be the sensory punch that not only demonstrates your appreciation for your partner; but one that reminds them why they fell for you in the first place.

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