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Three Insights That Will Transform You Into a Sexier Date

Have you ever wondered why you never make it as far as you’d like with a guy? Have you ever been on one or two, or maybe even more dates with a man and then suddenly you get the cold shoulder? While every man is different, and the reasons behind their frozen shoulders are limitless, the fact is that these differences can’t be too great because every woman has experienced this. One minute it seems like things are going great, and the next you are left with your head spinning and nary a word from your man.

If you are wanting a lasting relationship with someone you are dating, or want to date, it is very possible that you are sending some signals that is freaking him out early on. The key to a lasting relationship of any kind is to create an attraction and make yourself easy to be around. That means no drama, no neediness, and a secure and confident you going into every date every time. Here we will discuss some insights you can pick up righ now to become that sexy date that all men wish they were on every night.

1. If your life is hanging by a thread, don’t show it. This translates into neediness and drama, and no man in the early stages wants to be that guy. He doesn’t want to know that without him, you are nothing, that you depend on him for happiness and that knowing that he likes you makes your world turn around. Instead, find things that you create in your own life that make your world turn around. When you depend on someone else for happiness, it shows, and men just plain and simply don’t find that attractive. This quality usually starts to peek out after date 2 or 3, so if this is you, keep a leash on the drama until there is something worth being dramatic about. Creating emotional space for both of you will create a wonderful space for the two of you to share for a very long time together.

2. Have vision on what you want your love life to look like. This means, before you even start dating, know what your relationship will look like, and know what the man you want in your life looks like as well. When you go into the dating realm with this plan in mind, you are less likely to settle for something less than what you want. Being confident and not settling is a very sexy quality in a woman, and this exudes naturally without you having to tell anybody. If you can master this one, men will be drawn to you.

3. Have clarity on your non-negotiables. This is very similar to vision, but clarity on your non-negotiables is very important, important enough to write them down. When you know what your own truths are, and what you will and will not accept in a relationship, you won’t be drawn to the men that don’t offer these things. For example, if being a drinker is one of your non-negotiables, don’t get flirty with the men that drink. No matter how great you are, you can’t change someone else’s non-negotiables any more than they can change yours. Don’t settle for a great guy that drinks, or does whatever it is on your non-negotiable list, thinking he will “calm down” once you get going. He won’t, and you are going to end up disappointed because you went after something you didn’t want.

At the end of the day, knowing what you want is the most important thing to ending up with the relationship you deserve. Men are naturally drawn to sexy, confident, and secure women with vision and clarity. By adopting these insights, you can be that woman and end up with the man of your dreams. Just watch.

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