3 Places Where Sexting Your Man Is Super Hot

Dirty texting (otherwise known as sexting) is one of the hotest ways to spice up your sex life. The beauty of it is that it can literally be done any time, anywhere, and nobody around you has to have a clue what is going on! This part of sexting can make it incredibly adventurous, so use the secrecy to your advantage and sext your man in one of these three “naughty” places.

1. When you’re out of town. There’s no doubt your man misses the hell out of you if either you are him are out of town. If you’re the one that’s out of town, send him something like this: “I’m all alone after a shower, naked in this hotel room and really, really wish u were here…” with a hint at the end of what you want from him. You never know, this could lead to phone sex

2. When you’re at work. There would be no better surprise to him in a corporate work meeting than to open up a dirty text from his woman. “Can’t wait 2 c u l8r, I’m going 2 do some very naughty things to u.” His colleagues may not know what he’s reading, but he’ll definitely get a little curious and hot for you. Plus, he’ll be dying to come home and get his hands on you.

3. When you’re out together at dinner or a formal party. Send him something while you’re out at a formal event. Send it while you’re off on your own and he’s mingling with friends or busy networking, and just wait for him to read it, blush, and shoot you the “ooooooh you’re so bad” glance as soon as he reads it.

These are just a few examples of where you can sext your man. Get creative and use your own judgment; you’ll be driving him wild and dying to get his hands on you no matter where he may be.

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