Those Naughty Words…on Paper?


That’s right! When you want to talk dirty but you don’t quite know how, why not start out with something a little less likely to make you blush? Begin by picking up a book of dirty stories, or finding a few on the internet to read. Which ones make you tingle? Which ones would turn your lover on?

Read stories to get yourself in the mood, and then write one of your own. Make it a fantasy if you want, or write about something you and your lover did a few nights ago…you know, that thing that left you breathless and weak with pleasure? Write about it! Use as many descriptive words as you want. Talk about how it made you feel — both the physical reaction and the emotional one. Describe how you want to do it again, and what it would be like.

You can add all sorts of elements to your erotic story. Has your lover expressed a particular fantasy? Make it come true with your pen and paper! Is there something you’ve always wanted to try, or even some fantastic body-bending scenario that is physically impossible, but turns you on anyway? You might be surprised at how many people have fantasies that make little logical sense…but those fantasies make them hot regardless. Write it all down!

But that’s half of the battle. Once you have the story written the way you want, with all the little twists and turns you desire, it’s time to present it to your lover. How do you do that?

You read it to him!

Take the story to bed with you. Light some candles and relax with a glass of wine. In your best sultry, seductive voice, read your dirty story aloud. Put emphasis on the really naughty bits. Draw out the most tingle-worthy words. Make your partner feel what you’re saying…and while you’re reading, it’s a sure bet you will get just as turned on as he is!

So, what do you think…can you make it to the end of that story before one of you gives up and jumps the other? Why don’t you go find out?

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