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Think Your Fetish Is Weird? Think Again!

When you have a very clear and very hot fetish, you might be tempted to think it’s downright weird. After all, how often do you talk about your “out there” fetishes with your best buds? Do you bring up every fetish you have to your partner?

Each of us might have that fetish that seems a little TOO weird and winds up being pushed to the back drawer of the mind, like that naughty book you haven’t seen in forever. But if you think your fetishes are too weird, get a load of these out-there thoughts:

Sneezing. Some people get turned on by the sound of a sneeze. Though the old wives tale about sneezing and orgasm feeling much the same might not be true, it IS fact that some people begin to think about orgasm when they hear a sneeze. That’s one way to make that nasty cold fun!

Latex. Some people have a rubber fetish…and we’re not talking about condoms. Balloons, gloves, rubber clothing, and the like all turn them on. The sight of a doctor snapping on latex gloves can make them swoon…and not because the doctor is hot.

Tickling. This often goes hand-in-hand with bondage. What’s the most pleasurable torture? One that makes you laugh! Tickling can be good for the goose or the gander.

Furries. Dressing up in full-body costumes, usually very elaborate ones, and pretending to be animals is one of those fetishes that fall into the “weird” category. What’s even weirder? There are whole conventions that celebrate the fetish.

Sex dolls. There are many men out there — perhaps more than you might like to think — who have given up on the living, breathing women of the world and instead have turned to the world of sex dolls. Interestingly enough, sex dolls are becoming more and more real…and soon they might even be able to interact and talk with their human partners. Scary much?

Testicle stretching. Sure, a man wants to look as manly as possible. Some men equate “manly” with big balls…literally. This procedure in which fat is injected into the testicles to make them bigger is actually gaining popularity, and it’s not the sensation that turns men on, it’s the result: they like the look of massive balls. And who knows…maybe their ladies put them up to it!

So…you thought YOUR fetish was odd? Tell us all about it in the comments section.

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