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Think Only Women Strip? Gather Round, Boys…

When you hear the word “stripper” you probably think of a woman. After all, women are traditionally those who know their way around a stage and a stripper’s pole, while men are the ones who sit and watch the action. Sure, there are the Chippendales…but nobody takes that seriously, do they?

You might be surprised at just what your woman will take seriously! She will definitely get a serious kick out of you doing a striptease for her. Okay, so maybe your body is not as curvy and soft as hers, and maybe she has a flexibility that you don’t think you can match…but that doesn’t matter. It’s YOUR body she loves, and she loves to see you take it all off.

So where do you start?

Clothing. When you strip, you actually need more clothing than you would otherwise…you have to have something to take off, right? But the type of clothing you choose is what matters. It’s hot as hell to watch a man take off a suit and wind up in his, ahem…birthday suit. So consider wearing a suit and tie (the tie can be used later for even naughtier purposes). Make sure what you wear underneath is sexy, too. Boxer briefs with a satin sheen are always a hit for a stripping man.

Setting. Where are you going to get your big show on? Doing it in the bedroom is always a sure bet, because you’re bound to wind up on the bed by the time you’re done. You could also do it in the living room, where you can have plenty of room to move around. How about the kitchen? If you’re wearing socks, you could slide around like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

Music. Choose a soundtrack that fits the mood of what you want to do. Are you going to strip slowly for her while candles flicker all around you? Or do you want to strip in a way that will make her so horny that she won’t let you finish? The music you use — whether soft and sensual or hot and throbbing — should reflect your sexual tastes.

Lighting. Speaking of candles, how about those lights? Leaving the overhead lights on is a bad idea, as they always show every flaw and blemish. But small lamps turned on around the room, perhaps with a colorful scarf thrown over the shades to change the tone of the light, are a sure bet. Candles are also good, but make sure they aren’t near where you are stripping — the last thing you want is to throw that nice shirt on top of a burning candle and get things really hot in there.

Moves. Plan your moves before you get to the bedroom — to a point. It’s nice to know what you might try, and to test out your moves on your own as the music plays. But much of the stripping should be spontaneous, and in response to your partner’s attention. So have a general idea, set the scene…and then let the music take you both away!

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