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Things That Turn Women On

how to improve communication skillsLast week we talked about what might make your man hot in bed…now, what about you? Everyone knows the female side of the equation deserves equal time but what turns a woman on?

Sometimes, men have trouble talking dirty . It’s not that they don’t get turned on by it, or that they don’t like to hear it come out of your mouth…but when a man is saying naughty things to a woman in bed, they might be afraid of offending her. Let’s be honest: A lot of the “dirty” words attributed to women can be offensive if they are said outside of the bedroom. For instance, I would not take kindly to being called a “bitch” most of the time. But if my man called me his “naughty little bitch” while we were in the midst of a good romp, I would love it! It’s all in the atmosphere and the attitude.

So help your man out a little…what dirty words turn you on? And which ones turn you off? If your man called you a “whore,” how would you feel about it? If you were in the heat of passion, would you take it personally, or would you consider it simply a part of the sex play?

If there is a word you can’t stand, even in the heat of passion, tell your partner it is off-limits. Tell him before the issue comes up, and before things become awkward for both of you! Simply say something like this: “I love it when you talk dirty to me, but please, don’t ever call me a whore. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. Other words, however, are just fine!”

By being up-front and honest with your man, you are not only telling him that you don’t like certain words. You’re also telling him the coast is clear to say anything else he might want to say. By excluding those few words that bother you, your partner will have the confidence of knowing that anything else goes. He will also have the security of knowing that you won’t hesitate to tell him if he’s doing something that makes you uncomfortable. That kind of reassurance will unleash the beast in your man like nothing else!

Open and honest communication. It makes your dirty talk hotter than ever!

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