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Things Men Want to Hear in Bed

There are a slew things men want to hear in bed.

It could be one word over and over chanted in passion. It could be hostile demand. It could be a pleading  request. Of course there’s always God. Or maybe just your name. Or, someone else’s name.

Men can be quirky when a woman talks dirty to them in bed. Some men don’t like it at all, save a moan here and there. But then there are the men who can’t get enough of it. To those women out there who know they need to have some conversation with a man, you have to find out what turns him on. What does he enjoy? What are his hobbies? What is his profession?

It’s all up to your man and his likings. So here’s a list of things to tell him, depending on what he’s into:

PLUMBER: “Clean my pipes,” “Drain me…”

MUSICIAN: “Strum me,” “Tune me up ,” “Help me hit the high note…”

CAR SALESMAN: “Fuck me over and over and over again,” “Take advantage of my ass…”

POLITICIAN: Read Caresalesman

ELECTRICIAN: “Turn me on,” “Let’s make some sparks,” “Your dick is shockingly huge!”

PRO WRESTLER: “Slam my body,” “Pin me up against the wall,” or just slowly count to three before you come…

POSTMAN: “Lick my stamps,” “What a nice package,” “Come late again…”

PROFESSIONAL HOT DOG EATER: “Eat me…” (c’mon you knew that was coming.)

BASKETBALL ENTHUSIAST: “Take it to the hole,” “Fuck me behind the back,” “Shoot it in my face…”

BARTENDER: “Make it strong,” “Hit me again,” “I want a double…”

COMPUTER SOFTWARE ENGINEER: “Put your log in,” “Give me a hard drive,” “YAHOO!” “Search my engine…”

BRONCO RIDER: “Mount me and don’t fall off,”

BRONCO FAN: “Get the fuck off me!!”

Those are just a few one liners to tell your man and aid him in getting his rocks off. Please comment below with things your man likes to hear in bed.

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