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The Turn-On Secret Most Lovers Overlook

You’re ready to make love. The stage is set – the satin sheets are inviting, the lights are dimmed, the music is perfect. Maybe you’ve opted for candles, and perhaps you’re wearing the perfect thing to get your lover’s attention.

But there’s something you’re forgetting…can you think of what it might be?

Here’s a hint: Take a deep breath. What do you smell?

If your answer is “nothing,” you’re in good company. Many people will remember every little detail of setting the stage in their love nest, yet overlook the one thing that can rev up his libido before you even lay a hand on him. The smell of the room – just like the smell of a woman – can work magic on his arousal.

What scent will work on your man? Keep in mind that the sense of smell is one of the most important things in jogging memory. A certain scent can take you back to a very good time in your life, whether it’s the whole of a relationship or a single night of passion. If there is something you want your man to think about when you’re going to seduce him, make sure that something is you!

Start with your own perfume. If you have a signature scent, your man probably already associates it with you – so spray some on his pillow. Be sure to spray it on your lingerie and your body, too. The response from him will be instant as he realizes that the scent of your perfume means he’s going to be very close to you, very soon.

Is there a special memory you want to invoke? If the best sex of your life happened with your partner while you were on a secluded beach rubbing lotion onto each other’s bodies, bring that memory back with a coconut-scented room spray or other scents that you associate with that night.

Another good option for turning men on is — okay, this is odd, so get ready for it — baked goods. It sounds like a spin on the old saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but there is actually some truth to that statement. Studies have proven that men become aroused faster when they take a whiff of donuts or pumpkin pie. The cozy, comfortable feeling they get from those particular scents will make them more likely to want sex.

What’s the perfect combination for a man’s nose? Scientists have the answer: Pumpkin pie and lavender. The cozy feelings of the pumpkin, combined with the relaxing properties of the lavender, proved to turn men on more than any other scent combination.

So…why not spray your sheets with lavender and find a great recipe for pumpkin pie? Your reward will be dessert between the sheets!

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