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The Top 5 Tips for a Great Sex Life

Do you want to know the secrets to a great sex life? You’re not alone! Researchers have been looking for the keys to a great sex life for years, and they might have finally found it. Recent studies published in Canadian medical journals culled information from interviews with happy, sexually-fulfilled partners to determine the best tips for a great sex life. So, without further ado…here are the tricks of the trade!

Be Real. Be absolutely real, uninhibited, and ready to share all of yourself with your partner. Mystery isn’t much of a turn-on when you finally have that person in bed…now you should open up and give them the intimate prize they want. Be yourself, be open, and don’t let any artifice get in between you and your lover.

Communicate. Talk! Talk dirty while you are having sex and talk about anything else when you’re not. Talk about what you like and what you don’t like. Discuss fantasies, roleplaying, desires, needs, wants, and yes, even your fears. Communication is a major component of great lovemaking.

Be intimate. Have a deep intimacy established before you get to the bedroom. Trust, respect, honesty, and courtesy are all important to make your sex life mind-blowing. Treat your lover with the utmost respect outside of the bedroom, and you will both be more open to getting hardcore and naughty behind closed doors.

Stay connected. That genuine connection you feel with your partner, that spark that only you can explain, is very important. You won’t feel it with everyone, and if you don’t, you can bet that relationship won’t last. You have to have that deep, almost unexplainable connection in order to move forward into an explosive sex life.

Focus completely. The number one tip for the best lovemaking? Focus entirely on your partner and nothing else. Clear your mind of everything but the person you are with. There is nothing else…in fact, so far as you are concerned, time stands still. That’s true focus, and it’s what your partner needs to have all of you, inside and out. So the next time you are in bed with your lover, make sure your mind is pointed toward them…and ONLY them.

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